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The best hiking trails in Australia

Australia is known for its beaches and rich natural wonders but some of Australia’s treasures can best be seen with nothing but sturdy boots on. Here are the top trails in Australia that are sure to captivate and leave you in awe:
Six Foot Track
Location: Blue Mountains, NSW
This trail is described as stunning and one of Australia’s classic walks. It will take a few days to finish. It starts from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains. Hikers get to see different landscapes of rainforest and open grazing country. The highlight of this trail is the Bowtell’s Bridge which is a wire spiderwork suspended high above the Cox’s River.
Cape Byron Walking Track
Location: North Coast of NSW
This trail is for those who need an uplifting walk. It starts from Byron Bay to the peninsula where the lighthouse sits. Hikers can enjoy the cool and calm waters of the bay with the chances of seeing humpback whales.
Great Ocean Walk
Location: West Coast, Victoria
Length: 104 km
This trail takes hikers along the west coast of Victoria. It takes hikers through several national parks while exposing them to the beauty that nature has bestowed on this coast. It starts in Apollo Bay and ends in Glenample Homestead. The highlight of this walk is the 12 Apostles which emerge majestically out of the Southern Ocean that will definitely leave everyone in bewilderment.
Great Dividing Trail
Location: Central Victoria
Length: 280 km
This trail is t the least frequented track because of its length. It starts from Central Victoria through the region where the richest gold mining area in the world was once located. This trail also passes through the southern end of the Great Dividing Range which boasts of spectacular scenery.
The Fraser Island Great Walk
Location: Queensland
Length: 90 km
This trail has been dubbed as one of the greatest walks in Queensland and gives hikers an up close view of a Fraser Island which is the largest sand island in the world. It consists of dunes and sandy rainforests that can be hardly ever seen any place else. It takes 6-8 days or more depending on a hiker’s stamina but the trail can be broken down to a series of half day walks. However, hikers will feel that it was all worth it as they go through the major attractions such as the Central Station, Lake Wabby and the impressively clear Lake Mackenzie. There are also campsites in the area but bookings should be made in advance as they are almost always filled up.
O’Reilly’s Lamington Park
Location: Queensland
This trail takes hikers to abundant rainforests and magnificent waterfalls. Hikers can also take the Tree Top walk to take in the canopy of the forest.
Overland Track
Location: Tasmania
Length: 80 km
This trail is known as one of the best walking trails in the world. It is a 5-10 day hike that will take hikers from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair. However, the number of hikers allowed in summer is limited and those who are lucky to join can enjoy unspoiled lakes, mountains with snow caps, rich forests and the beauty of Australia’s deepest freshwater lake, Lake St. Clair. For inexperience hikers, it is best to take on this trail during the summer when the days are longer and the weather is milder.
The Heysen Trail
Location: South Australia
This trail exposes hikers to South Australia’s diverse landscapes from native bushland to untouched pine forests. The part from Cape Jervis to Spalding is recommended for beginners while the part from Spalding to Parachilna is recommended for more experienced hikers looking for more challenges.
Stirling Ranges
Location: Western Australia
This area provides some of Western Australia’s best bush walking trails. It allows hikers to see flowering plants, wildflowers and orchids that are in full bloom around August-November. Famous walks include Bluff Knoll, Ellen Peak, Toolbrunup, Mt. Trio and Stirling Ridge walk.
The Larapinta Trail
Location: Northern Territory
Length: 223 km
This trail shows hikers the ruggedness of the Australian outback in a challenging trek along the MacDonnell Ranges including the key attractions: Simpsons Gap and Glen Helen. The trail is divided in 12 sections which will take 1-2 days walk per section. The trails are very well marked and also have tent sites with water supplies so hikers can choose to do the whole track at once or have it broken down.