Sleeping Bags

After hiking for the day or just enjoying the outdoors. You have erected your tent, rehydrated, maybe cooked something to eat and its time to get those aching muscles into something comfortable for a good nights rest.

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Whether you are camping, climbing, backpacking or mountaineering the sleeping bag you need varies greatly.

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Season ratings are a great guide for finding sleeping bags suited to the season you will be using it.

1 season sleeping bags
1 Season

Lightweight, compact and ideal for use in hot summer months or when camping abroad in hotter countries.

2 season sleeping bags
2 Season

Ideal for use in late spring to early autumn, your typical family camping sleeping bag.

3 season sleeping bags
3 Season

For use in early spring to late autumn, and perhaps a mild winter evening.

4 season sleeping bags
4 Season

Thick bags, often down insulated 4 season sleeping bags are made for use in winter when temperatures can drop below zero.

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Find your next sleeping bag if you know the weather conditions you will be facing.

hot weather sleeping bags
Down to +1°C
freezing weather sleeping bags
Rated 0°C to -3°C
really freezing weather sleeping bags
Rated -4°C to -10°C
extreme freezing weather sleeping bags
Rated -11°C to -35°C